The 15 minute challenge really helped me to exercise consistently in that period. I do weight lifting at gym most time and often take a day or two to rest, but after I joined in the challenge, rather than doing nothing on a rest day, I chose to do stretch or go for a walk instead. I have gained more passion and motivation from the challenge and I have really challenged myself for the duration and intensity of my exercise. Thank you so much for the amazing program, it not only helped me from being healthier physically, but more importantly, it helped me to stay strong and positive mentally.
Min Min
The 15 minute challenge was a great way to keep on top of my exercise while being accountable to my team. It was great to be able to join my team in an activity even with my disability. I’ll admit that I was dubious to start with as I cannot join a normal ‘team sport’ but the range of exercises in the 15 minute challenge and the ability to add your own allowed for me to join my team while still completing my own specific exercises.
Sometimes it is too easy for me to brush off my own exercise goals, as life gets busy. But life is always busy! And the 15-minute challenge really helped me to remember the importance (and joy) of moving my body regularly. It is such a great idea!
The perfectly timed 15 Minute Challenge coincided with my intense first full marathon training and Atomic Habits reading. As captain of the CD Players, my Community Development Team, I not only led by example but also provided weekly motivation through progress updates, emphasizing the importance of embracing small exercise portions and enjoying the personal fitness journey. Despite overwhelming workloads and high stress level, our team's collective effort and resilience created an incredible and unforgettable experience. Go CD Players!
Sun-Hae Kim