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Located in Adelaide, South Australia, we are committed to making a real, tangible change in people's wellbeing across the globe. Years of refinement have shaped our Flow Framework, a proven strategy ensuring high participation, engagement, and long-lasting improvements in mental and physical health. This program is specially designed for busy wellbeing coordinators, offering ease of implementation and effective management, while proactively minimising psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Reducing Stress at Work

Globally, the current increasing levels of stress present not just a challenge but a significant opportunity for positive transformation. Just in Australia, depression-related issues currently lead to approximately $6.3 billion annually in employer costs due to presenteeism and absenteeism. Proactively addressing mental health can lead to more than just cost reduction for employers; it can significantly enhance the overall wellbeing and engagement of the workforce. This proactive approach leads to fewer stressful or sick days, heightened performance, and a more vibrant work environment. By embracing effective wellness strategies, we can unlock the potential to cultivate healthier, more dynamic workplaces worldwide, transforming stress into a springboard for global wellbeing improvement.

Exercise & Mental Health: A Proven Link

Exercise has been shown to be 1.5 times more effective than counselling or medications in managing depression and anxiety, according to a recent comprehensive review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. “We hope this review will underscore the need for physical activity, including structured exercise interventions, as a mainstay approach for managing depression and anxiety.” - Professor Corl Maher, University of South Australia. This new study, and many others demonstrate the vital role of physical activity in improving mental wellbeing.

Bridging the Gap in Workplace Exercise

Despite the known benefits, most people feel like they are "too busy" to exercise daily. In Australia, 75% of adults aged 18–64 don't meet the Australian Physical Health Standards. Traditional exercise encouragements often fall short, especially in adapting to modern workplace dynamics. That's where our Flow Framework steps in, successfully attracting people who are also new to fitness, using our engagement framework to ensure 80% of people complete the 6-week program and develop a long-term habit. 90% of participants end up meeting the World Health Organisation's physical health standards (a healthy sustainable 150 minutes of exercise per week). Meeting these standards consequently significantly reduces participants’ stress levels by as much as 43%.

Our Story: From Sports to the Workplace

In 2015, leveraging our background in competitive sports and strategic corporate insights, we crafted a new approach to corporate wellness. From our comprehensive experience being a part of an Australian National sports team and training at the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS), we paid close attention to what made the best athletes succeed. We realised that the champions who never gave up, no matter how tough things got, had five special things in their training. They were always in a 'flow'. We identified five key pillars that were instrumental in achieving this state of 'flow', pillars that could be translated into a corporate wellness strategy that would apply to everyone regardless of their current fitness level to create a lasting habit. Our pilot program, built around five key pillars, received an overwhelmingly positive response, sparking great interest from other organisations. Currently over 120 organisations globally, including names like the London School of Economics, Tetra Pak, Wavemaker, Dell, Motorola, Michael Hill, and Breville, have embraced our methodology and added the challenge to their yearly workplace wellbeing programs.

The Flow Framework: Our Approach to Wellness

Our "Flow Framework" is a carefully crafted methodology designed to enhance workplace wellness and employee engagement through a series of structured, yet adaptable elements. Central to this framework is the concept of 'flow' - a state where individuals are fully immersed and energised by their activities. The framework is built on five foundational pillars: Micro-Habits, Team Accountability, Positive Social Environment, Rewards & Recognition, and Proactive Re-engagement. Each pillar works synergistically to create a seamless experience. Micro-Habits encourage the development of small, manageable routines that cumulatively lead to significant health benefits. Team Accountability ensures mutual support and motivation, enhancing commitment to wellness goals. The Positive Social Environment pillar creates a community-centric atmosphere, making wellness a shared journey. Rewards & Recognition provide tangible incentives for participation and achievements, while Proactive Re-engagement continuously revitalises interest and involvement, preventing drop-offs. These pillars work together to create a supportive and engaging wellness journey to deliver exceptional results including the creation of a health-conscious culture, enhancing teamwork, motivation, and resilience.

Using our 5 Pillars of Habit Formation Method to guarantee wellbeing improvements

While many wellbeing programs claimed to decrease workplace stress, we saw that they were falling short of people’s expectations. To solve this, we needed to develop a new systematic and evidence-based approach to genuinely drive engagement, minimise psychosocial risks and ensure a resilient, stress-free workforce.Combining our team’s knowledge from multiple fields including psychology, exercise science, habit formation and group dynamics our team discovered a new methodology - the 5 Pillars of Habit Formation. From countless program iterations we discovered that to ensure high participation, high engagement, long-term positive behavioural change, and a happy stress-free workforce there must be 5 elements present in a successful program.

Collaboration has been our compass

Esteemed industry experts and visionary clients have generously shared insights that, combined with feedback from our vast participant base, have sculpted our Online Platform’s evolution. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Renowned organisations, including Tetra Pak, London School of Economics, Dell, Motorola, SBS, Michael Hill, Breville, Dell, NIB, Big Commerce, AGL, Energy Australia, NDIS and Department of Health have embraced our methodology, witnessing significant improvements in employee morale, productivity, and holistic wellbeing.By 2030, we're determined to uplift the well-being of 1,200,000 individuals globally. It is certainly ambitious, yet our expertise in addition to our proven track record, solidifies our confidence in this mission.We are the 15 Minute Challenge: at the forefront of impactful, evidence-based workplace well-being transformations. We extend an invitation for you to join us in this revolutionary journey.

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