The 15 minute challenge was very inspiring and fired up my competitive spirits so that I could exercise a little everyday. I enjoyed the whole process especially ticking off all the achievements. It also brought together the team at work and kept us connected. Overall a really pleasant experience! Thanks to the team for sharing regular updates on our progress :)
Priyanka Simini
Participating in the 15 minute team challenge was great! As someone who loves a bit of healthy competition in the office, this was right up my alley. Having a platform to record my activity and purpose behind it helped me stay motivated and continue being active. Highly recommend!
Emily Siddle
Taking part in the 15 minute challenge was a great way to come together as a team, improve our wellbeing collectively and keep each other accountable. Instead of eating lunch at our desks, we enjoyed going for a walk along the river, or doing a few laps at the local pool. I look forward to participating again next year.
The 15min challenge was a great way to hold myself accountable for my daily exercise, as well as a lovely chance to experience some team comradery amongst my colleagues! I would definitely recommend getting involved to not only challenge yourself, but to be the one to challenge and encourage others around you.
The challenged pushed me to be active everyday with my friends. We held each other accountable!