Artem and the team at 15MEC were wonderful to deal with and provided excellent resources, exercise videos, regular updates, and communications assistance; and helped us implement the program easily and efficiently. We would highly recommend the 15MEC as a corporate health and wellbeing initiative and look forward to hopefully running this again in 2022.
Carlee Ackland
I highly recommend the 15 minute fitness challenge to everyone! I had so much fun being a part of the team, my colleagues and I encouraging each other every step of the way. I’m happy to report finding 15 minutes of exercise is now part of my daily healthy habits routine. A result of my increased fitness, my run times are faster and longer.
Larissa Stanley
The program was easy to follow and self-motivating. I felt the best thing for me was socially we come together as a team. A spirit of togetherness develops as everyone works towards achieving the same goal. That’s the best part. We shared lots of things, laughter whilst going on team walks during lunch time. This is one thing we will continue doing every Friday for sure. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.
Rajeshree Bhatiya
The 15 Minute Exercise Challenge was great for building closer relationships with my team mates and offering one another support and encouragement. On the days where I didn’t really feel like moving, the challenge helped motivate me to get moving for just 15 minutes (which usually turned into more!) and I always felt better afterwards.
Carina Harris
Thank you 15 minutes team! I enjoyed the challenge very much! For me it was a great way to connect with my new peers (as I joined WC only 3 months ago), get encouraged by my team on my low days and continue to work on my fitness goals. I am already missing those group walks! I look forward to the next challenge.
Nalem Caceres Loyo
It was a great work initiative and helped get our offices motivated and created good atmosphere amongst our piers. The website was easy to use in logging exercise activities.
Debbie Anastazjew