The 15 Minute Challenge was an excellent team building exercise. Our organisation really encouraged and embraced it and it led to a lot of banter and goodwill in the office. My team had a great time with the photos as well. More than anything, the 15 Minute Challenge made me very mindful of finding time to move everyday, even if it's only 15 minutes! It's amazing how often 15 minutes turns into more than 15 minutes because you're already in the groove.
Karen Hardess
The 15 min challenge helped me to realise small changes can create big outcomes. Initially it was hard for me to wake up early morning and go for jugging. But to turn something into a habit you need to have something beside your motivation and that is consistency. This 42 days consistent journey taught me how to get improve gradually. I've enrolled in a fitness club and am confident to achieve better result now. Thanks for this wonderful 15 min challenge or I would say 15 min opportunity!
When we first signed up for the 15 minute challenge we had no prior expectations as to what to expect from the experience. Our group completed the challenge together and really enjoyed bonding outside of the workplace, which is something we never do. We had our children and even grandchildren joining in the challenge on a daily basis and we are extremely proud to be continuing our fitness program which now also includes dinner. I would recommend this challenge for any organisation we the program has certainly been of benefit to our staff and families.
Kylie McDonald
Being someone who lacks motivation at times and particularly when it' s cold, the idea of this challenge appealed to me on various levels. We all have busy lives and i found that 15 minutes a day wasn't a big time commitment and the idea that I needed to report my activity on a daily basis kept me on track. I also had an opportunity to get active with colleagues which also really helped me stay focused. The length of the challenge was long enough to set a new habit and many thanks to all for assisting get me out of my post COVID and winter slump.
Jenni Katsaros
The 15 minute challenge has been great for our organisation. It has been a driving force in taking people out of their comfort zone within my team and having us all participate in physical activities we otherwise wouldn't have. I personally picked up a new hobby from it and have made new friends.
I found the challenge really fun and when doing it with my work colleagues it gave us a little bit of workplace banter and really helped increase the team moral. I would definitely do the challenge again and would encourage others to join.
Our organisation benefited greatly from the 15min Challenge, it really bought people across all areas of the business together. I really hope we undertake the challenge annually to ensure well-being is always promoted and kept front of mind.
I think the whole concept was great it made me reconsider my exercise routines. Thoroughly enjoyed the competitive side & it also helped me reach some weight loss goals heading into summer.
By joining the 15 minute challenge as a work group enabled us to all share the experience of exercising together. We would regularly meet and also include our family members in our group exercises where we all enjoyed the fun and experience together.
Julie Edwards
The 15 minute challenge was a great motivation to stay active during the colder months of the year. It helped develop a routine of regular exercise which I found of great benefit both physically and mentally.
Lauren Brown