The level of support from the 15 Minute Challenge team was excellent. They were there every step of the way, invested in ensuring the success of the program. I would be happy to recommend the program to other organisations based on our experience.
Dani Dittmer
Winner Winner!! This has been a totally awesome experience. As a team we have grown, laughed and supported each other. Our Captain provided us with inspiration and guidance. We are stronger, quicker and defiantly Happier. Our team had the opportunity to achieve both personal goals and team goals. Personally healthy body healthy body - both my greatest assets. Stress levels across our team have reduced and our joy levels have increased. The 15 minute Challenge has been a game changer for all of us. The Yarra Barbies are Smashing with style :) It was great to be involved in the 15 minute challenge, a very positive experience.
Natalie Murray
The 15 Minute Challenge was great fun and a really great reminder that exercise doesn't need to be complicated and 'something' is better than 'nothing' when it comes to daily movement. Also, that it is often those days where you really don't feel like exercising, that you need it the most. I found just 15 min on those day was enough to boost my mood and my energy levels. I definitely recommend the challenge - it was great fun, with great benefits!
I was new to exercising every day when the 15-minute challenge happened. The challenge helped keep me on track - my exercise was for 15 minutes morning and afternoon. I really liked how there were personal and team achievements that were uncovered as you progressed through the 42 days of the challenge. Thank you for being there at the start of my exercise journey. My exercise is now a part of my daily routine.
I would wish 15-minute challenge would continue the whole year! Even though I workout throughout but 15-minute challenge helped me putting numbers to my workouts and also realize if I had been slack and missed few days. Certainly helped me push me to be better. It was my first time and I loved it!
Waqas Alim
What a great experience! The 15 Minute Challenge got me up from my desk, I enjoyed the Challenge, and think it was a good initiative. The interface was easy to use, and the updates along the way helped to keep us motivated and committed. Nice way to build team morale within a workplace too.
Siti Evans
I started this experience with a goal in mind to loose body weight and create a more healthier mindset. Through the 6 week challenge I incorporated calorie counting and a minimum 30 min workout routine, motivation from members in my team and activity tracking our progress made this not a challenge but fun. I ended up smashing fitness goals and motivated to keep going through Christmas.
Madeline Pfeffer
The 15 min challenge inspired me to increase my fitness routine, it also highlighted that exercise doesn't always have to be a fitness workout, as part of the challenge I was able to look the active areas in my life that I participate in with my family; like stand-up paddle boarding, ten pin bowling and handball. I was able to suggest these activities to my family members, so we became more active as a family, not just myself through the challenge.