The a2 team were really inspired by The 15 Minute Challenge! We had 168 participants across lots of different teams and majority of them agreed they saw an increase in overall health, found it a fun way to interact with colleagues, and felt more energetic and productive at work after completing the challenge. Together, we exercised an impressive 304,150 minutes over the 6 weeks!
Elisa Baxter
Prior to the 15 minute challenge I rarely exercised, however was thinking about getting started. The 15 minute challenge helped me to start and do something everyday, which has helped develop the habit of exercising daily. I started with walks and I later joined a gym. The habit has been set and I'm now continuing with regular exercise - I'm feeling healthier and it's also been great for my mental wellbeing.
I really enjoyed taking part in the 15 minute challenge! Being pushed to complete your daily exercise by your teammates, and challenging yourself to get up and move throughout the day really made a difference to my mood and energy. Gather your team and give it a go!
Initially, I was quite skeptical about the whole 15-minute challenge as I am the least sporty person I know. But, once I had looked at other options I enjoyed several new activities, Thai Chi and Pilates which I am continuing to do. I found the challenge a great way to spend time with Miss 13 who doesn't find hanging with Mum cool, yet did ask what we were going to do each night.
Participating in the 15 min challenge has been a game-changer for me. It's incredible how incorporating simple exercises into the daily routine can boost energy and focus. Thanks to this initiative, our team is not only healthier but also more connected. It's a win-win for workplace wellness!
Febbie Sangkop
The 15minute challenge is a great initiative and team bonding activity. It encouraged our team to go on a short walk each day in the office, allowing us to come back refreshed and more productive. My motivation increased throughout the challenge and I felt more energetic each day and driven to improve my minutes exercised each week. Absolutely loved it!
Stephanie Hennings
The 15 Minute challenge motivated me to exercise almost everyday - even if only for 15 minutes. It's amazing how even only a 15 minute walk can boost your mood and set you up for a great day ahead!