What makes the 15min challenge unique is everyone can do it! We were looking for a programme to boost engagement in our wellbeing programme and something that wasn’t going to be overpowered by the gym-junkies and fitness freaks. The 15 min challenge gave us an out of the box solution – packed with guides, communication and a simple platform for everyone to sign up and use. A healthy competition was created – right from choosing a team name to regular updates. They made it really easy and the benefits and reward seen from participants was so encouraging.
Anthony Butcher
Firstly, there is a serious improvement in my happiness. The health benefits I got overall from this challenge is what makes me feel the 15 minute challenge is tremendous. As a result of this challenge, I now exercise regularly and the challenge has created a healthy habit on me. I feel more mentally alert and present than ever before, my mood has improved as I feel in control of myself and genuinely thank you team. I really mean that, thank you.
Ash Ashraf
Before I started the Challenge my main activity was walking my dogs in the morning (short walk) and evening longer walk, with a good (hopefully) exhausting walk at the weekend. For the Challenge, I extended the morning and evening walks to be an extra 20-30 minutes. This did the trick, with some weight loss, and a feeling of wellbeing by the end of the Challenge. Now my dogs expect these longer walk times, so I am ‘required’ to keep it up. 😊
The 15 minute challenge was well structured, clean and easy to follow while not being a burden to fill in as we progressed through it. The simple interface made more time for motivating the team to do better while sending smack-talk to competing teams! I loved it! It was also a good motivator to do some more activities that improve fitness. I’d do it again in a heartbeat (or 60-90!) 😉
I enjoyed being part of the 15min challenge with work, 15minutes is completely doable even for the busiest of people at any level of fitness! I competitive nature of most certainly makes for a great motivator and I would welcome the chance to take part in the challenge again.😊
I really liked how simple it was to use, but also how competitive it got. The small increments are easy to track and make it easier to be consistent. It doesn’t feel like most corporate campaigns, so I feel I’m more likely to keep it up, and actually changed my life.
David Spangenberg