The 15 Minute Challenge has changed my perspective in life, getting the most of what life can offer by achieving and maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul. It has motivated me to stick to my routine exercises towards finishing the challenge. At the end of the challenge, everyone’s a winner by achieving a healthy life balance. Good vibes, Good Life.
Jan Paraiso
I have absolutely loved participating in this 15 minute challenge campaign. I have worked alongside my colleagues for many years and being able to compete as a unified group whilst also working on our physical health outside of work, what a brilliant idea! 15 minute challenge has definitely helped us strengthen our bond and have some fun with all the various activities we would be involved in while completing this program. The website is super easy to navigate giving us suitable platform to log in all our activities. Can’t wait for the next rounds and win again with my lovely team.
I really enjoyed participating in this challenge. It helped our work team come together and work on a goal outside of our usual KPIs! It was easy to log the activities and it was nice to be able to share our progress within the wider community at St Vincent’s Hospital.
Grace Billing
I thought it was a good encouragement to exercise every day. The competition component is what encouraged me to make the effort. And through it we found a few new and better ways to work - such as walking meetings!
Robert Nash
I liked the reminders to get moving and be active. It helped me stay motivated and I was more active than I would have been otherwise.
Elizabeth Villalta