We had a significant proportion of our staff participating and sticking with the program to the end. This resulted in 83% of participants reporting an increase in overall health with 76% feeling more energetic and productive at work. The 15-minute challenge was more than the individual improving their personal wellbeing, it allowed individuals to join and be part of a team, build and bond team environments and be part of a team’s success. 75% of participants noticed enhanced interactions and morale among colleagues. The challenge's effects are also expected to be long-lasting as 73% of participants plan to make long-term lifestyle changes because of participating in the program. The above results demonstrate that the challenge was great value for money. We recommend the 15 Minute Challenge to any organisation seeking to enhance team morale and promote a culture of health and wellness.
Paul Uttley
This challenge was about so much more than exercise. As a team, we had to rely on, support, encourage and account to each other. The challenge strengthened our bodies and our relationships and we walked away from it with a greater understanding of what it means to support and work as a team.
Genevieve Simpson
It was a nice encouragement to keep exercising every day at least for 15min. I can be so lazy easily and do nothing but joining the 15min program helped me a lots. I also enjoyed to keep up each other with my team mates. I’ve known them all my team mates but talked some of them only by greeting before but now, I feel much closer to them!”
The Queenstown Hustlers are absolutely stoked to have won the SkyCity 15 Minute Challenge! What started as an opportunity to out-do our own team mates (we are all so competitive), soon became a series of activities that increased our own personal fitness, got us out and about in our glorious (but cold) environment and gave us a sense of elevated well being. We all exceeded our expectations and two weeks later are still completing at least 15 minutes of exercise daily. Thanks to the 15 Minute Challenge team for helping us get off our butts!
Lisa Cooke
My experience doing the 15 minute challenge was.. definitely a wake up call! Few highlights... Helped me to think of my health and well being more.. Helped bring back discipline into my life Learning about nutrition and how important it is... watching what I eat and drink. And whatever excersise whether at home /park... its just about moving... motivate myself to keep going... I enjoyed stair climbing though challenging and in the end it gave me more energy... Also just being able to see others in the team grow. The determination and passion really encouraged me... But the greatest I think it did for me... because it was a daily thing... its now a huge part of my "self-care"
Ana Mailata
It was such a good initiative, and we have all enjoyed thoroughly being part of it and working towards our wellbeing. It created a topic for discussion each day and everyone in TG took time to meet each other not only in our group but also participants from other groups to know what their teams were doing and if there was anything others could work on.
Radha Vellanki
I enjoy the challenged. It encouraged me to do the exercises everyday and remind my team mates to do the exercises every day to complete our team goal. My body and my mind felt refreshed and better from it. It's nice to enjoy experiencing this challenge for me and with the team.
Loved the challenge. I was pretty confident going in as I’m pretty active normally, but more in peaks and troughs (good days and bad days). The 15 min challenge helped me to be more regular and consistent with an active lifestyle. It changes your day-to-day mindset.
Andrea Ainsworth
I just wanted to say thank you for providing an outlet to bring teams together for healthy accountability and encouragement and providing the motivation that kept team members talking about the program and the choices we were making throughout the whole 6 weeks! It really put in to perspective just how impactful 15 minutes each day can be individually, but also as a team.