Overall, we had 400+ join the program with multiple staff reaching out to me at the conclusion of the program & reported how much fun they had as a team and now noticing how 15 minutes of physical activity can impact their own physical and mental wellbeing. Well done, this just shows you have a great program, great initiative, but most importantly your program was easy to use and follow. Highly recommend any organisations who are considering this program to give it a try as the team at 15 minute challenge will support you through the whole process.
Dean Camaratta
Before I started the challenge, I was concerned about my weight and doctor's warning that if I don't do something about it then soon, I will get Type 2 diabetes. So, I thought only the diet will do the work which it did until I hit the weight plateau and couldn't go down further. Long story short, the 15mins Challenge has helped me in breaking that plateau and have given me the push that I needed to exercise more even if it's a small one. It made me feel good about myself and made my wife and my doctor happy. But the best thing it did for me was the new exercise routine that I have adopted and that has helped me to adopt healthy lifestyle along with healthy diet. So, thank you so much 15Mins Challenge, you saved me multiple visits to the doctor :D.
Tahir Awan
I found the challenge of taking 15 min every day to do some sort of exercise a reachable task to complete and expand on. This helped me understand the amount of exercise I do in a day and inspired me to improve on this and establish a good routine that has now become a habit. The outcome for me was feeling fresh in the mornings and more alert as my sleep improved through regular activity. (biggest change for me) Such a rewarding experience .. be back next year 100%!
Barb Strong
Exercising alone is easy for us to just make excuses and choose to slack off. But when you have team behind you encouraging you to push on, you feel like you're letting them down when you choose your old habit of just slacking off. This program is a great first step for everyone that want to take that small step to improving their fitness and mental health by increasing their physical exercise. Definitely highly recommended to everyone to join.
Taking part in this challenge has been a game-changer for me. As someone who never had a consistent exercise routine, this challenge motivated me to adopt a healthy habit, which has been incredibly beneficial for my well-being, especially during my pregnancy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to kickstart their fitness journey!
Lida Tong
The 15-minute challenge was one of the most enjoyable workouts I've completed this spring. The morning workout and lunchtime stroll helped me disengage from my hectic day and concentrate on my health. I was able to take in the scenery in my area; as the trees flowers bloomed, so did my physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Prue Jofirisi
I always love participating in the 15 min Challenge each year with my organisation, it really gets me moving again as we come out of Winter here in Australia, and I enjoy having the additional motivation to get in some exercise each day - which then feeds healthier habits going forward after the challenge finishes. Thank you!
Matt Lane
Participating in the 15 minute exercise challenge helped me kickstart my health goals and set a daily habit of doing 30 minutes of exercise each day. Even though the challenge has ended, exercise is now a part of my daily routine.
The 15 min challenge is not only a healthy initiative, but also a good bounding opportunity for me and my team. We were able to work together in achieving our team goals and managed to have fun and do healthy activities along the way. Very much recommended and will definitely join this again next year.