Being in a university, every program we do really does come under the microscope to make sure it is evidence based and has rigor in terms of the research background. We wanted really good administrative and program support. We wanted it to be pretty agile and flexible so we could have some of our own QUT centric aspects in the program or the communications. The coordination of the challenge was a breeze. You were doing so much that for the first time in years we felt this complete weight of our shoulders. We would normally have an inbox full of inquiries almost day to day throughout the challenges that we've had in the past. We have been talking about the 15 Minute Challenge really positively to a number of other university contacts across Australia. I think it definitely suits any organisation, whether it's a small or a large organisation. It's also a really great price point for an activity challenge, being a price point that we felt was comfortable for us and a really good return on investment. There are not too many other interventions that could really offer that kind of ROI.
Deborah Ward-Mackay
I can't believe the incredible journey I've experienced through the fitness exercise challenge! From day one, I was greeted with a supportive community of fellow participants who were all united by a common goal: to become the best version of ourselves. The challenge pushed me beyond my limits, both physically and mentally, and the results have been absolutely astounding. If you're looking for a transformative experience that goes beyond just physical fitness, I wholeheartedly recommend this exercise challenge. It's not just a program – it's a life-changing adventure that will push you, support you, and celebrate you every step of the way. Thank you to the entire team for creating such an incredible opportunity for personal growth and empowerment.
The 15-min challenge was perfect for me. It’s finding a pocket of time to stay active in a day which makes the process so manageable and unintimidating for an HDR student like me. The design of the online platform encourages independence, honesty and camaraderie. There’s no pressure and yet there is this inner motivation to do your best as you see others really doing their best, too. This comes at a perfect time for me as this year I turned 50, and the 15-minute challenge has given me the tool to strut into my half-century mark with flair and confidence. Kudos to the organizing Team!
Participating was like discovering a shortcut to an energized version of myself. It's like I found my personal health superhero cape. Hope it will inspire others to unlock their inner health heroes too! Catch ya on the active side!
Arthur Fabre
The 15 minute challenge was a great way to get motivated and get into exercise! It gave me the perfect excuse to join the gym with my friends and squeeze in little walks each day. I could really notice that my mood was higher and energy levels were better while I was doing the challenge.
Fitting in 15 mins of exercise a day admittedly wasn't my motivator - as a 'turtle' runner (I truly get my value out of my entries when I run races!) - I thrive on competition, commitment and being a part of a team. There were certainly times where I didn't 'feel' like getting out to clock the kms/minutes but knowing my team were counting on me, helped me to focus and get it done. I especially loved that this challenge wasn't about being the 'fastest' - it truly recognised commitment and preparedness to get out there and do time on feet. 100% will be participating again!
Bec P
This challenge was rewarding not only for the personal accountability in fitness and wellness that it created, but also because of the social connections it forged amongst team members. I found that it provided a great excuse to get together with peers outside of work, which in turn enhanced our experiences in the office.
The 15-minute challenge really helped my and my team to include some activity and exercise into our daily lives. We were really happy with the results and many of us still continue this practice after the challenge is over. Would recommend to try for everyone.
Keya Amarsee