The online program was a great way of staff tracking their success and those of their team and other competing teams – which resulted in staff becoming more active as they became more competitive. The engagement of the program was exceptional with 90% of participants completing the 6-week challenge. At the end of the challenge we had staff ask when the next round was occurring, as they felt more energised and productive, and some teams had undergone physical transformations due to weight loss. We thoroughly enjoyed the 15 Minute Challenge and look forward to repeating the program in 2021.
Sandra Campbell
This challenge was not only beneficial to my mental and physical health but created such a fun and exciting environment at work. We were all able to challenge each other and motivate one another which also lead to a closer bond, highly recommended and can't wait for the next event. 🙂
Mary Kharma
I did the 15 minute challenge I must admit that it was a challenge as I never did any exercise. I now go for walks and have a gym membership at GOODLIFE I see a trainer once a week and he is very helpful with the exercise I feel that I have better movement in my body. I do sleep better now.
Our team really enjoyed the 15 minute challenge and it kept us motivated and accountable to achieve our fitness goals. It brought all the staff together, some more competitive than others but it was a good team building exercise. Personally I am feeling more energetic, focussed and healthier than ever! I highly recommend the 15 minute challenge and I encourage all organisations and groups to give it a go – it’s a lot of fun!
Andrea Carr
Participating in the challenge made me accountable to keep up my physical activity. It is always fun and encouraging when you can be part of a team. Loved having the social media aspect of being able to post photos and comment. Thoroughly enjoyable, fun and made me more physically active.
Glenda Morris
The 15 Minute challenge was a great way to start off my fitness journey, After months of procrastination it was the kick I needed to get back into routine! It was a great way to bring our team closer and brought out the competitive streak in some of us! Can't wait to do it again!
Tanesha Paulo