The support that our team received from the 15 Minute Challenge team was fantastic and enabled our team to focus on communicating the initiative rather than coordinating the challenge. The 15-minute challenge was a great addition to our wellbeing programme, and we would recommend the challenge to other organisations who want to make a difference in their employee’s wellbeing. ORC will be looking to include this challenge again in the future.
Gina Watts
The 15 Minute Challenge was a great way to kickstart a much needed boost in fitness. It also inspired me to create something for our team that would take us beyond the challenge. We now have a sprawling wall chart with 18 mountains of varying heights from across the world that we are conquering as we stair climb each day to our office on the 6th floor. This will encourage additional physical activity amongst us for some months to come yet! Thanks 15 Min Challenge! :)
Tim Ware
Great and easy challenge to take part in. Plenty of variety of activities. Would recommend. I really enjoyed the challenge as it is easy to take part in and enjoy a bit of healthy competition with your work colleagues. Plus the photo boards and small prize giveaways along the way keep it interesting!
The 15 minute challenge really helped me to focus on maintaining some kind of daily physical activity during an exceptionally busy period of time. The benefits of this personally were felt mainly around relieving stress, increased mental clarity post-exercise and also a significant uplift in the amount of running I’m now doing. I used to spend a lot of time running at lunchtimes and weekends but dropped off a bit through 2022; however I’m now putting a bit more effort in and have increased my monthly Kilometres run by a third. Also good to compete against other teams in the organisation!
Julian Phillips
I wanted to take part in the 15 Minute Challenge to motivate me to do some weights sessions – something which had been on my to do list for years. The online Challenge format is simple to use and understand. My first surprise was how much movement I do on a daily basis just through walking the dog. Recording those walks gave me the perfect stimulus to add the extra workouts in– there’s nothing like seeing your minutes of exercise rack up 😊 The best surprise though was how much fun it was to do it as part of a team where the support and encouragement came from so many directions. If you’re feeling a bit lethargic and looking to put a spring back into your step, I would definitely recommend giving the Challenge a go.
I first thought that having the 15 minute challenge over winter mightn’t be the best timing – I was very wrong! It was great to have motivation to get off the couch on wintry evenings, and the wellbeing boost of regular exercise was well-timed, as like many people, I am often in lower spirits in the winter time. The 15 minute challenge certainly made a difference for my winter wellbeing and I was proud to complete a ‘perfect challenge’.
Thanks for facilitating the challenge- it is a great idea! As someone who works remotely, I really enjoyed doing the challenge alongside my colleagues. It was a great reminder that even 15 minutes is better than nothing – and it encouraged me to try new types of exercise which was great. I found it a positive and fun experience.
Teagan Graham