Taking part in the 15 Minute Challenge has been a fantastic team building experience, especially when half our team was located in another state. The daily interaction of sharing and encouragement has strengthened our work bonds immensely. I am already a fitness nut, exercising is who I am. However, as part of this challenge I've been able to encourage one of my colleagues to swap the pub for the gym on two days a week, one of which is a Friday night! This outcome would not have been possible without the challenge preceding it, this demonstrates the challenge can work in bringing about positive long-tern fitness behavioral change. Thank you keep up the great work.
Danielle Sutherland
I am grateful for participating the 15 Minute Challenge. I enjoyed every moment of it. I have made permanent changes in my day-to-day life. I bring my gym clothes to work with me so I can train straight after I finish. I have inspired my partner to start walking to improve his overall health. We walk our dogs as often as we can and they are loving it! This Wellness Challenge has done wonders for my mental health. Fresh air a few minutes a day helps refresh and clear the mind. The 6 weeks went by quickly and I have made a commitment to myself, to continue for as long as my body will allow me. THANK YOU!
Through the Challenge I have been able to maintain my exercise program of at least 5000 steps per day and more eating more fruit ie oranges, apples, bananas and trial mix (nuts, currents, seeds) I have lost 2.5 kgs and know staying at 80.5 kgs body weight and feel go for someone of 64 yrs.
Alexander Curry
Participating in the 15 Minute Challenge was a transformative experience for me. It pushed me to break my limits, stay disciplined, and achieve my fitness goals, leaving me feeling stronger and more confident than ever before.
I'm glad to have taken part in the challenge. It was both straightforward and impactful, providing a perfect reason to take a break and enjoy some fresh air. Not only did it serve as an excellent stress reliever for me, but it also created a wonderful opportunity for team building among members spread across various locations and time zones. Thank you!
I really enjoyed taking part in the 15-min challenge. My team and I developed a camaraderie that has continued past the challenge, and I increased my average daily exercise times by 30 mins, along with the range of activities I took place in (who knew I would become so competitive!) and those healthy habits seem to have stuck. All-in-all a winning experience.
The 15 minute challenge helped me get back into more regular exercise after having a baby. The days where I couldn't do my normal exercise it also made me find alternatives that I could track which was normally stretching which is something I have always previously been terrible with.
My self-confidence since participating in the challenge and getting fitter and stronger has increased so much. Now, I feel like I have the confidence to accomplish anything that I set my mind to. Whether that's going to the gym and getting through my workouts on my own and pushing myself further. Participating in the challenge somehow has increased my motivation to keep going with my physical activities - trekking/hiking up in the mountains, swimming in the pool, Pilates and yoga in the morning and cycling around my neighbourhood. I am glad that I was able to lose 1kg. I know it isn't much of a progress, but it is still a progress. You've got to start somewhere if you want to accomplish something.
Florentino (Ren) Castro Jr.
This challenge has been amazing and a great motivation to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. Glad to have participated in this program and would highly recommend to anyone else.
It was a great initiative to promote health awareness. Personally, it motivated me to push myself to workout.