We are very pleased to have undertaken the 15 Minute Exercise Challenge with our staff. Artem and his team at 15 Minute Challenge were a pleasure to work with, very promptly followed up when necessary and were always enthusiastic when working with us about the challenge.
Torbjorn Servin
At first, I found it hard to remember to do 15 minutes of exercise a day. But after the first few weeks, it became second nature. I started to add extra exercise spurts into my everyday activities, such as going for walks at lunch or walking to the shops instead of driving. I even signed up for a gym membership after the challenge was over so that I could continue to sneak exercise into my life!
Cary Ann Moore
The challenge was a great initiative in the workplace as it encouraged me to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle in a sometimes hectic and stressful working environment. It gave me the opportunity to connect with other colleagues from other teams and build social relationships. I also attempted my first human pyramid in the meeting room which I don’t think many people can say they can do at work. If you have a competitive nature like me the challenge really pushes you to achieve your best and contribute to the team. I wish the challenge could be incorporated more regularly in the workplace as it is great for personal wellbeing and positive team culture. :)
Phea Chhim
I loved the 15 min challenge. It was a great way to get together as a team and really challenge ourselves. Not only were we able to support each other through it, but also keep each other accountable. It also provided the opportunity for us to be creative and think of different ways to get our bodies moving. For me personally it certainly provided me with motivation to do something every single day and once I saw the minutes/hours of other teams going up, the competitive person inside of me (which I didn’t know existed) made me want to do more to stay at the top of the ladder. I was on leave for the final 2 weeks of the challenge and was still obsessed with getting in my numbers every day!
Hayley Northover
I really enjoyed the accountability of this challenge, by working with my team and by scheduling in my exercise, I felt as though I just couldn’t miss it. This has created some really good habits for me personally and I’ve continued to schedule in my exercise and I’m making it happen consistently. A great motivator :)
Ema Sevian
Although I didn’t participate every single day, as I had thought I would, I did re-establish a habit of exercising regularly as part of my routine, which is a great benefit, beyond the superficial competitiveness of the challenge. A well worth it initiative. :)
Pernilla Horne
I found the 15 minute challenge to be very motivating. I was always looking for opportunities to increase my incidental exercise such as going for a walk at lunchtime. Exercising made me feel better.
Andrea Bliss