This has completely changed my life! I started signing up for the gym, and bought a whole set of gym stuff too for the home. I don’t want to let the team down and I am the captain so I’m challenging my co-workers to do it with me. I now get up early, eating a healthy diet and I’m actually stronger every day, and my mindset has completely changed. So thank you for making this challenge. It has definitely changed me for the better! Motto: If you can control your mind. You can control your life! Ps: This is me now. Stronger, fitter, healthier and most of all much more happier. Thank you so much!
April A
The 15 Minute Challenge helped me achieve my goal of losing 5kgs over 6 weeks. I also used Light and Easy throughout the journey but was inspired by everyone posting and sharing their journey. I would encourage everyone to get on board when these challenges are made available. So inspiring, so rewarding.
Greg Cornish
This has been my 3rd year with the 15 Min Challenge and I have to tell you, it has made a massive difference. I feel more active, breathe better and most importantly feel more positive with the change in my lifestyle. The 15 Min challenge is a gradual change of excellence to better health, mind and lifestyle!
This was my 2nd year doing the 15 minute challenge and I'm so glad I did it! By the end of the challenge, I noticed a difference in my mood, fitness level and general wellbeing.
This year’s 15 minute challenge has not only created a healthier and more focused me, but it has inspired others around me to participate in daily activity. It created a great sense of team and competition that motivated us to work to achieve the goal. It such a wonderful culture to be a part of like-minded people all competing against nothing but themselves for self-improvement.
Tyson Fletcher
It’s such a great opportunity to get physically motivated and moving. I have participated every year and love it. Shedding a few winter kilos on the way is just a bonus. Small changes create bigger opportunities.
Glen Campbell
This challenge motivated me to exercise every day to maintain my mental and physical health. It really boosted my energy to utilize in the best way in store and I learnt how to deal with stress.
Nancy Kaur
With so many recognised activities, this challenge meant that every team member could "get moving" and participate in something they truly enjoyed doing! I loved digging deeper into my own happy place and bringing some dance flare, for another it was joining a hockey team and logging their first game. What a great way to bring people together, share stories and be a healthier version of yourself along the way.
Rebecca Taylor
I have thoroughly enjoyed this creative initiative as it has not only influenced my positive wellbeing but was a great team building exercise that has truly brought my colleagues together. Due to this program, my team and I have been having awesome expeditions every week and will continue to do so for the sheer joy of it!
Yen Yu
Its my first year joining the 15 Min Challenge and I definitely enjoyed it. I usually do one big exercise ones a week but with the 15 minute challenge I realised how easy it is to squeeze in a small exercise on my daily routine. Most importantly seeing everyone else’s log in their daily exercises encourages me to get up and do my little daily exercises and by the end of the week you’ll see that you’ve actually been a lot more active even with just doing 15 minutes daily.
The challenge honestly helped my mental health so much, I struggle with exercise everyday. Having a motive to go out even for a 15-minute walk, was the best thing I did. Exercise is such a huge contribution to your mental health.
Hannah Gallagher
This challenge came along at the perfect time. My exercise had become inconsistent and my diet a little thoughtless. Needless to say, my energy levels weren’t where I wanted them to be either – and so the challenge came along and really inspired me to pay more attention to moving my body and nourishing myself. Having my team cheering each other on the whole time also really helped to keep my motivated and accountable. At the end of the challenge I now feel fitter and healthier than I was before and I’m really keen to keep focusing on health even though it’s finished.
Renae Grinlaubs