I am a pretty active person already but I found the Challenge helped realise I could do more! Going for a 30 minute brisk walk every lunch time, 15 minute runs in the evening before relaxing for the night, yoga before bed. Doing it as a team was great as I did not want to let the team down. It also provided a bit of a competitive edge to maintain the amount we were putting in. There was always time to do more activity in most days and it has had a positive impact on my health physically and mentally.
Laura Roxburgh
I felt the 15 minute challenge gave me the kick starter I need to get back into exercise. It felt good to be able to "log" the exercise as I felt I was accountable and wanted to make it through the challenge successfully. It has improved my physical and mental wellbeing and I am still finding myself motivated to try and move for 15 minutes a day. Thank you! I would participate again and encourage others too as well.
Joanne Peat
I am a person with not much motivation to exercise. 15 minutes exercise challenge makes me want to exercise more especially as part of the team I don’t want to let team down so I do more exercise. I enjoyed it, my health improved physically and I felt good.
I would like to say I love the comradery and competitiveness that came about as a result of being in a team with my colleagues. We competed with other teams, and also with each other. It gave us the opportunity to chat about non work related topics, and helped us get to know each other a little better. Also, pretty sure we were fitter when we finished than we were when we started.
Donna Davis
This challenge was a great opportunity to involve our whole department to get active and spark a little competition between teams. It was great to see people's dedication and there were certainly a number of team members that really motivated me to get my 15minutes in every day because if they could do it then so could I.
Nicole Bensink
The 15 MEC was a proactive reminder to take the time to look after our own health and inevitably encourage our patients to do more. This challenge united us all in thinking more about our physical health and its importance in our day to day lives.
Jeanette Sewell