I should add a brief disclaimer that I was involved in helping to set up the 15 Minute Challenge, but I truly believe that it has been a valuable experience. Despite some personal fitness issues during the Challenge period, the Challenge always reminded and motivated me to make a daily effort to find time for fitness (even if this was sometimes a brief walk). Towards the end of the Challenge, I was in a place to step up my exercise and help out the team a bit more! The team itself were really supportive and you definitely get a kind of camaraderie which isn't repeated elsewhere in the workplace.
Kieran Darling
I absolutely loved the 15 Minute Challenge! It’s been a fun six weeks of moving but also being creative (coming up with a team name and posting photos of us being active...)! A special shout out to my fellow exercisers, I really enjoyed our team encouraging and gently challenging each other.
When I was stressed I run, when I was anxious...I run; and I always felt better afterwards! Some days were cloudy, raining, windy...other days were sunny and hot...I loved being outdoor everyday! I was more focus at work, more efficient...I thought I was too busy to exercise every day, but running gave me time!
Javiera Cartagena-Farias
I felt this was a good way of keeping track of how active I would naturally be each week, but also of encouraging me to be more active wherever possible. It was a reminder that every little helps - just 15 minutes here and there can make a massive difference.
Joss Harrison
I found having the structure of the 15 minute challenge and the accountability of not letting down my team mates, really helped me to prioritise time to move in my day. It made me aware of how easily time can slip by and how you do have to be a bit more structured to ensure you do it. Thanks!
This challenge really helped me to get moving. We tend to forget to move when we are at our desks. This was a good way to remind myself to keep moving! I am even keeping up the challenge even though it’s over.
I really enjoyed the 15-minute challenge. We had a real sense of camaraderie, always encouraging each other to get our exercise for the day done. Having the challenge there genuinely made me conscious to exercise every day, I was proud of myself for completing 100% of the days.
Danny Marenghi
This was a great challenge. I thought I already did as much exercise as I could squeeze into a busy week, but by upping my game v slightly to hit the challenge goals, I managed to fit in an extra hour. And I've carried on ever since. Really motivating.
It was great being part of a team, and talking about how each of us found our 15 minutes differently. It made me think about exercise in a different way!
Enjoyed the team aspect involved in the challenge and found for me it was easy to build in 15 minutes (and more) of exercise each day!
The 15 Minute Challenge really motivated me to get moving every day - without the pressure of needing to do a really long workout.
Claire Westwood