I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge without missing a single day. End of the challenge period I felt more energetic and more positive, importantly as our team worked as a team encouraging each other during the challenge period and worked together, we all feel we have much more close relationship and understand each more. Great initiative, we have cultivated a habit to exercise for 15 minutes or longer each day!
As an already active person, I found the 15-minute challenge inspired me to become active on those days when I was less motivated. I enjoyed the challenge of being active everyday, thanks so much for the inspiration!
Kerryn Van Winsen
Participating in the 15 Minute Challenge was a great motivator to make sure I was moving each day and teaming up with my colleagues meant I was accountable! I’ve kept moving since finishing the challenge, so a great outcome for me personally.
It was a good programme to get the whole company in. It was interesting to see how a short workout before work can make a difference to my mood and the way I feel.
Michelle Scholma
Kept me accountable to complete at least 15 minutes of exercise per day. It brought out the competitive nature of my personality to challenge myself to do different forms of exercise. Resources offered by the 15 minute challenge were very valuable to ‘changing up’ my exercise routines and encouraging team members to try alternative forms of exercise.
Megan Parker
Participating in the 15 minute challenge has been amazing, both for team morale as well as for general health & wellbeing of the participating individuals. The fact that we are not required to do more than the 15 minutes makes it doable, and people tend to be intentional to do that walk that otherwise would not happen. Often, it resulted in more exercise for the team. Great concept and program!
The 15 Minute Challenge got me back in the gym and it was great to work as a team supporting each other.
Goya Dmytryshchak