The 15 Minute Challenge team were always responsive and provided the right amount of support to EnergyAustralia. Their well-organized approach made the end-to-end implementation of the challenge simple and quick. Overwhelmingly positive internal feedback from participants confirmed the success of the event and I would highly recommend the 15 Minute Challenge to any other organisation looking to support their employees’ health and wellbeing.
Byron Kwong
I absolutely loved the challenge – I have been able to increase my health and my physical ability greatly – I am more motivated and will continue this challenge. The main reason I have enjoyed this so much is because I have been able to set goals which I have achieved and also inspired to continue and create more goals that assist with my physical and mental wellbeing. My family have also notice the difference in my outlook and positive attitude – Walking has become my go to stress relief and even if its for 15 min its something I am doing for myself which has given me very much self-gratification. Not only inspired me – but has continued with my increase from 15minto 1hr plus daily. The benefits of this program are greater than I could ever have imagined. I have noticed an incredible change in my fitness and over health and wellbeing. My Can Do It attitude – made even stronger because I now believe in ME.
Gayle Johnson Andree-Jansz
I participated in this challenge just to be habituated with active lifestyle. Also, my aim was to do 15 mins exercise each day so that I can contribute to the team. However, the word ‘competition’ really got into me and I challenged myself everyday to beat my previous day’s record and finally ended up doing 2 hours exercise a day. This whole exercise competition not only changed my lifestyle but also motivated me with a reason to carry on. It was really a game changer for me.
Syeda Munjerin
I really enjoyed this program as I have an injury and because of that lacked motivation to exercise. However doing this with team mates has really made me realise that no matter your injury there is always a way to exercise safely and comfortably. I have found this program to be encouraging and very enjoyable.
Cheryl Quarrell
The program was really helpful for me as it enabled me to exercise daily despite busy schedule. I started with 15 min exercise plus walking and then did various exercises from those in your list. Also seeing people posting their pics of exercise and walk helped be to stay strong till end. By the end of the challenge I had inculcated exercise habit and I am still continuing. It helped me shed extra weight I gained during lockdown. All the team activities enabled members from team to stay in touch which was really of great motivation and help in this time of isolation. Overall great boost for mental and physical health.
Rutuja Duse
Really enjoyed the challenge! Enjoyed participating with my team and had great encouragement from our Captain. Enjoyed the emails on exercises for the challenge, as it was a great reminder of how easy it is to get active with such exercises. Took on board a number of the exercises. Know the great benefits of exercise both mentally and physically and believe this challenge is a fantastic way to make changes and improve these areas, especially during COVID!
Arlene De Zilwa
Thank you 15 Minute Team for introducing the exercise challenge for EA, especially amid the lockdown situation through which we all are going through for a while. This event not only enabled empowered us over our physical fitness but also strengthened our mental fitness. The brilliant part of the event was the offering of wide variety of exercises which let us switch activities basis our comfort or injuries. Cherries on the cake – Vibrant Team Challenges and regular wall posts from the teams – they kept the teams united, got us closer to each other and helped motivate each other on this journey which I’m sure has already energised us to keep going for another few weeks.
Sankalp Mehta
The 15 minute challenge has helped me to be motivated in developing and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle which has played a big role in not only keeping my physical wellbeing, but also my mental wellbeing during COVID. It has also created a fun social interaction that my team and colleagues could challenge and enjoy together – I would definitely participate in the challenge again and recommend others to give it a go too!
Tamia To