I always think I exercise as I live an active life, however recently I moved house and lost 7.5kg in the process over just 3 weeks, the workload was horrendous. In the first week after the move, I re-gained 0.7kg and realised my usual active lifestyle was not enough, the 15 minute challenge became my next source of physical challenges that helped me to loose weight again. By the end of the 15 minute challenge I lost 10.2kg, thank you for challenging me to add more exercise into my now more active life :)
The 15 minute challenge was a great motivator and awareness raiser. It has been good for me in checking my weight. I was 69kg and now I am down 2kgs to around 67 and this has been quite stable. I am doing the stairs everywhere at work and at the railway station. I am doing more household chores and starting a few projects that require physical effort. I feel more active and I am fitter. Thanks for the initiative!
Chris Szydlowski
This was my third year participating in this challenge and I find it is a great way to build a rapport with colleagues you may not work with or spend time with. It is also good reminder towards the end of winter to get moving and that you only need to do 15 minutes a day to make a change to your health and wellbeing, getting some fresh air and sunshine. Thank you for another successful year.
Paulynne Farrell
15 Minute challenge was a fulfilling experience for me and my team. We only wanted to make sure we did it every day regardless of the time everyone can spend on exercise. It was fun to motivate each other and share stories over coffee about how we achieved our minutes. It's a team bonding activity that also improved our overall health.
The 15 minute challenge with the fabulous software programme which was easy to use was instrumental in motivating me. By keeping a historical record of my exercise every day I could track and review my exercise (type of exercise and duration) and see where I needed to improve. It is a simple but effective programme that could be commercialised! Family and friends could be part of a challenge.
The 15 minutes challenge is a great way to get fit and improve our wellbeing by doing simple things during the day like walking, taking stairs, moving around the house, connecting with others, being part of a team and having great time together.