Although my team didn’t come close to reaching the top of the leader boards, personally, the program resonated with me the importance of daily exercise for me and my family. We have made some considerable changes since the challenge and for that I am thankful. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the program and the 15 Minute Challenge Team lead by Artem and Anton to anyone seeking external support to improve the employee wellbeing. We look forward to repeating the challenge in 2024!
Renee Monkman-Straub
Having received a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes just before the Challenge, the timing was perfect for me. As 30 minutes of exercise is part of the recommended health plan for this illness, I increased the challenge to a minimum of 30 minutes and was up to 40 minutes minimum per day. I feel and see the benefits having lost 8kg so far and this will benefit my health in the future with my diabetes.
Laurie Gills
The 15-minute Challenge is a great way to boost your physical and mental health. It allows you to achieve goals along the way and set a strong foundation for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Not to mention - 15 minutes of fun!
This was a great experience for me and my whole family. My 6 years old son walked and done yoga everyday with me. it has now started a great new routine in our house where every morning we do yoga and every afternoon we go for a walk. this challenge has also helped me work out a great exercise/ work/life routine that has not left us short on time and still have plenty of opportunity to do other things.
Minnie-Sarah Maller
The 15 minute challenge was a great way to get motivated to exercise. I really enjoyed the gentle nudge and banter between teams and teammates which helped to push me more. Since the challenge has completed I have continued to exercise daily and my family joins in at home now too!
Actually I took this 15-minutes challenge as to compete and win over for my habit like not to go out for an exercise ever because I thought my legs is not strong enough for any exercise. but this challenge helped me a lot to improve my routine habits during those 40 days in continuously. Now I don't feel anything like that and realized once you made strong anything in your mind and focused could achieve anything in life because strong mindset can make impossible to possible. Thank you!
Harpreet Kaur
The 15-minute challenge was a great experience for me. It was fun and awesome experience doing this challenge in a regular daily routine with workmates. The best thing for me is to restart a habit of exercising again with a mixture of fun (no pressure) and made workplace a great environment to work for. It was a fun challenge and great way to get out and have a 15-minute break with colleagues. There were a few exchanges of witty banters from other teams. I also enjoyed the laughter and selfies while walking with the team. I'm sure it's a great and fun-filled experience for everyone.
Arlene Whittingham