Artem and Anton made every step of this process straightforward and stress-free. From the very first meeting all staff communication, marketing and planning was executed seamlessly. We advised what our challenges were and the results we would like to see, and they listened and delivered. We can’t thank you both enough and look forward to working with you again in 2024.
Erin, Cynthia and Trent
While I was already exercising most days, this challenge helped me to push even further and to do something every day, even if it was just something small. Even when I was busy, knowing I had to get at least 15 minutes in just to log it for myself and achieve that perfect monthly goal of activity every day, was of great benefit to me. I lost weight, I had some amazing sleep, and I even gave up alcohol to help me stay motivated.
The 15-minute Challenge is a great way to boost your physical and mental health. It allows you to achieve goals along the way and set a strong foundation for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Not to mention - 15 minutes of fun!
The 15 minute challenge helped to encourage me to take short exercise breaks during the day. I am now sleeping better.
It isn't easy to shift my attitude from 'extra fries' to 'exercise' but the 15 Minute Challenge made me consider it, then do it, then enjoy it. No pressure, no scary trainer and no 90 minutes sessions in the gym! It helped me add exercise to my routine, and also realise that a lot of my routine already was exercise. Who needs new year's resolutions when you have new habits! The 15 Minute Challenge is a great way to make a change and enjoy doing it.
The 15-minute challenge was a fun way to introduce more exercise on a daily basis. While working in a team environment created a friendly challenge, it was also a great way to motivate one another. Over the course of the challenge, I found that I was enjoying exercising and finding new ways to stay fit. It has now assisted me in creating and maintaining a fitness routine.