There’s not much in this world that will keep us going like the 15 minute challenge. It only took 15 minutes each day, the time it would take you to get to the train stop, the bus stop, wait in line for a coffee… its not long and you would do this each day… the 15 minute challenge made me think about my movement each day rather than just doing it by rote. My mental health is better, my fitness better and my relationships with family, better. Thanks 15 minute challenge, I will surely do this again next year!
Nicole Murray
To improve one’s health and well-being, the 15-minute Challenge encourages the participant to have a different mind-set when it comes to exercise. It is not so much about how much (e.g., number of steps) or how long (e.g., 1 hour on the treadmill). It provides multiple options to exercise, to move and be active. And these options could be walking for 15 minutes, attending an aerobics class for 45 minutes, or playing golf for 4 hours. And once that mind-set is established, exercise is no longer a task -- it becomes a part one’s life.
Cherry Marquez
I didn’t expect the team 15-minute challenge to be so much fun. The best part of it was motivating each other, for this we organised a few hikes and a lunch time walks. Personally, I developed great habits of exercising in the morning which I have continued to do.
Fabiana Bernardi
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The challenge came at the right time, as I was heading to NZ for the holidays. End result: I’ve increased my level of motivation and continued on with exercising daily since finishing the challenge. I would recommend it to others interested in a challenge.
Participating in the 15 minute challenge as part of a team helped me with motivation, team spirit and activity ideas. The challenge is long enough to enable behavioural change and make being active into a fun lifestyle and no longer a challenge.
Chris Lee
The challenge was quite a thrill! Provided a new discipline to my daily exercise routine (I have increased my daily exercises after the challenge), provided a good team bonding activity (made new work friends), provided a new perspective to personal health (by giving a dedicated daily task). I would encourage people to participate in such challenges to make their work life more active.