The challenge provided a fun way of motivating our team members to exercise regularly. There was some healthy competition along the way and I am already being asked when our next challenge will be held. I strongly recommend the 15 Minute Challenge to any of their prospective clients.
Simon McGuinness
Participating in the 6-week 15-minute exercise challenge was an incredible journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. The challenge provided the perfect motivation to prioritize fitness amidst our busy lives. I experienced noticeable improvements in my overall well-being, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a convenient and effective way to kickstart their fitness journey.
There were multiple benefits for me in participating in this 15 Minute Challenge and the first one was not to pike out and only do the minimum 15 minutes of exercise a day. The physically exercise of walking for more than half an hour a day, walking up 3 flights of stairs multiple times a day instead of using the lift, attempting to jog and do aerobic exercises enabled me to achieve more and to curb my cravings as I had a goal to reach in endeavouring to lose weight for my upcoming vacation. But one of the other important benefits was to become an integral part of my team and to try and out-exercise everyone one else who was participating. I am happy to report I have not given up and am continuing on my way to better health and endurance.
Vija Hanisch
Taking part in the 15 minute challenge has been really worthwhile for me. It has improved my fitness and helped me to start to lose weight. Making extra time to walk during the day has helped to reset my mindset and feel so much better. I have continued on with the regular exercise and look forward to the next 15 minute challenge!
I never have been an active exercise person but taking part on this challenge really makes a difference, I made sure to do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day and this make me feel good physically and mentally. I sleep better at night and not felling tired easy. I will keep doing this and 15 minutes a day is not hard to achieve.
I was hesitant to join this challenge, I thought I already go to the gym during the week so there was not much need for me to join, however, this challenged encouraged me to go walking during the weekends, I have continued to do so and am really enjoying the walks, fresh air and getting out and about in nature. Thank you for giving me the push I needed.
Medea Patyi