The 15-minute Challenge was a great incentive to not only get active each day, but to work together as a team and have fun! I enjoyed the challenge and the different prompts each week, that pushed me to get up and move more. Stoked that our little team won 3rd place as well! Would highly recommend getting a group together and making movement part of every day :)
You know that little push you need every now and then to get out of your comfort zone? Well, I saw the 15 Minute Challenge like this: the push I need to start a more active life and the benefits are many, like a new exercise routine acquired. Don't think twice, just do it!
I thoroughly enjoyed the 15-minute challenge! It not only motivated me to exercise for better health and competition but also unexpectedly became a rewarding team journey. Our group chat served as a source of encouragement, we took walks together, and even discovered each team member’s favourite exercise. This challenge not only helped me build healthier habits but also provided a wonderful opportunity for team bonding. We, Fluffy Corgi, will definitely join the challenge next year again! 😊
I enjoyed participating in this challenge, it motivated me to exercise more and keep a healthy lifestyle. It was also good to have a group of people to have regular chat about exercises and compete against each other. I continued to go to the gym regularly after the challenge.
Sonia Xu
The 15 Minute Challenge is a great way to incorporate more exercise into your day, as well as foster some healthy competition amongst your colleagues. I always look forward to the challenge beginning and find it definitely keeps me on track to my fitness goals.
As a team captain, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the 15 minute challenge. It provided an extra incentive to exercise each day and interact with my peers more, plus there was more banter across teams which led to a positive increase in culture. Our team were exercising together playing squash and table tennis, something we hadn’t really explored together and will continue to do more often even after the challenge. It was a great way for us to get to know each other more and connect, especially as some of us are based at different sites.
Danielle Clark