The 15 Min team were well-organised and adaptive to the Organisation. The team provided support and guidance to both the Organisation and the participants throughout the program. The roll-out and management of the program was easy, and the results are self-evident.
Kymberley Allen
The 15 minute challenge helped me get a much needed break in the working day and reduced my stress levels A LOT! Too often we sit at our desks all day and don’t move. While 15 minutes away isn’t too much time, it made a huge difference to my wellbeing. Get on board, get moving, go for a quick walk.
The 15 Minute challenge is an exciting and interactive way to incorporate fitness into your working day. By shifting your perspective and making exercise a team effort that does not require a person to be super fit, the challenge allowed me to get up from my desk and take in the beautiful scenery our vibrant campuses have to offer. It also motivated me to spend my weekends out and about encouraging healthy habits and assisting me in my weight loss goals! I love the 15 minute challenge and am looking forward to next years competition.
Ash Kamilic
The challenge brought our team together including new members to Charles Sturt University. We sent messages of encouragement along the way and everyone was on board. Personally, even when I was sick for a couple of days I managed to take the dog for a 30 minute walk (which she greatly appreciated). She positively beams when the lead comes out for her daily walk 😊. The 15 minute challenge has encouraged my partner to commit to daily exercise which is something we will continue together. He was not part of the challenge but was encouraged to commit to a daily fitness routine which will see us exercising daily.
Tracey Wain
Signing up for this challenge was the best motivation I could have had. Before the challenge, I tended to stay glued to my desk in front of a screen for the day. Having colleagues there to motivate you and help get you moving was fantastic. Even on days when we all had a lot on, we managed to find time to walk, even if it was only 15 minutes!! I went from 0 minutes walking a day to 60 minutes walking a day over the 6 weeks. I now look forward to that “time” even if I can only manage 15 minutes. I have more energy, sleep better and I am even exploring other forms of exercise!
Cheryl Douglas
I really enjoyed doing the 15-minute challenge, it kept me motivated and helped me be more productive with my work! I also loved that they helped support charities, what a fantastic challenge to be a part of!
Micha Scoble
Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this challenge! It is such a simple and achievable goal to meet, just the 15mins. We have created a new standard for the office to have 30mins in the calendar to get out and walk every day that they can. People who were not even part of the challenge have joined our daily walks. It has seen such a positive change and given everyone permission to walk away from their desk for their health.
Siobhan Hillam