The 15 Minute Exercise Challenge was the perfect vehicle to get us started. It was easy to implement, and the 15 Minute Challenge team were great to deal with. With so many staff saying they would likely participate again in the future, it will certainly be on our radar to do this again in 2022 and I look forward to even more of our staff joining in next year.
Debra Cottrell
I enjoyed using the 15 minute challenge as a way to keep me accountable and on track with my fitness whilst also enjoying some healthy competition with my colleagues. It was great to see how my team mates kept fit and healthy and gave me some ideas to try different ways of looking after myself physically and mentally.
Sarah Wilson
The 15 minute Challenge is a great way to involve staff in getting active. It is great to see the friendly rivalry between teams during the Challenge. Exercise can positively impact our moods and our thoughts, and encouraging our team mates to participates builds a positive office culture.
Allison Shoesmith
I was driven to exercise each day by the knowledge that I was helping my team do better. Thinking of ways to motivate my team had the knock-on effect of motivating me too!
Kirsten Bywater