The program had a great impact on not only the physical health of the workforce, but also the mental health because of the strong link between exercise and mental health benefits. The challenge helped us on our journey to create a mentally healthy workplace whereby our people feel fitter, healthier, stress free, well rested, productive and energetic. We felt that the 15 Minute Team provided great support and we would highly recommend other organisations to be involved in this great initiative.
Natasha Cahill
I found participating in the 15-minute exercise challenge a great experience. It was fun enjoying the camaraderie between co-workers and to make sure everyone completed their 15 minutes each day. Some people did their exercises in the morning before work, others after work or later in the evening. The team challenges were fun too; all whilst knowing we are doing something for ourselves, as well as making a difference to others as well.
Tracy Russell
By taking part in the challenge, the benefits were great. It’s not hard, and it’s fun. Benefits include being in a team and egging each other on, and improving on what you previously did and then making that your future agenda. I found it was such an easy way to develop a more active lifestyle and improve on your health and wellbeing too! Sometimes all it takes is participation to make awareness, and improvements follow.
Christine Casey
The 15 minute challenge promoted great comradery in our work group, it was fun to encourage each other to do exercise and promoted talk of how we could make time for 15 minutes of activity every day.
Christie Becker
I needed something to help kick start my motivation back into exercising. Being part of the challenge encouraged me to find creative ways to exercise with a young child which led to more consistency..
Angela Stubbs