I am grateful for the 15 minute challenge. It has helped me incorporate exercise (even if it’s only 15 minutes!) into daily life and I have enjoyed positive change mentally and physically.
Cheryl Pollard
The 15-minute challenge helped me to be accountable every day to ensure that I was physically active which increased my energy levels and feelings of wellbeing. Having other people in my team not only ensured I was active every day to contribute to my team's tally and the challenge helped me feel more connected to others in my portfolio that I may not have usually been in contact with. Was a lot of fun thinking up creative ways to be active!
The 15 minute challenge was a great way to build a team across our workplace, I hadn’t met some of the guys on the team before taking part. The challenge was a real motivator for my fitness routine and it was great to see photos and stories from everyone involved. For me, every day of the challenge was a new adventure, I loved being in it for the fun and camaraderie – it’s not about winning, it’s about trying!
Matt McKinlay
This was a great initiative: relatively easy to do, fun and just the right amount of friendly competition and incentive! I’d sign up again. Since finishing the challenge I’m still noticing my steps and moving when my watch tells me to, if only to stand up and stretch. New habits formed!
Angela Power
The 15 minute challenge was a great way to connect with like minded people, stay motivated and ensure I’m making positive steps around my health. It kept me accountable as I didn’t want to let my team down. I would definitely recommend giving it a go!
Kelly Naughton