I was happy with the outcome of the 15 Minute exercise as it managed to help me recover from an injury. The weekend before the challenge started I suffered a lower back strain injury. I was worried about what I could do to complete the 15 minutes of exercise each day. It then came to me that I could do a 15 minutes of stretching each day. So I did and also some walking. Now injury has gone and I'm a little more flexible.
Tim Godwin
Another year another 15minute challenge successfully completed. It got our company challenging each other as individuals and as team vs team which was great to see.
Thanks to Alliance and the 15 minute challenge team, this was a really good challenge. It made me more conscious to fit in some form of exercise every day no matter what time it was. Highly recommend this to everyone and best thing is you don't need to be strong man or woman!!! a couch potato can win this challenge... Cheers Paddy and Bindi my dog for all the extra walks :)