The 15 minute Challenge was a great distraction for me during lockdown and helped me immensely with not only my physical health during the Melbourne lockdown but also with my mental health. By setting myself the goal of exercising AT LEAST 15 minutes per day it got me out, off my bum and active again. When lockdown started I had been lazy and sat on the couch and watched movies and generally felt sorry for myself, as well as piling on the kgs. When the challenge started I had something to strive for, was able to get out and clear my mind, get healthy and lose those couch/Netflix kgs to boot! Thanks guys!
Trevor Gladman
The 15 minute challenge is a great, simple opportunity to help bring people together to create connection, encourage movement and bring out a little bit of healthy competition. Great for physical and psychological wellbeing. Thanks for the opportunity to help our employees.
Bradley Brooks
A very apt name for what it does. A very well thought process to get you started with just 15 minutes a day and build on it. Timely personalised reminders, regular badges on reaching milestones, creating a team spirit. In short bringing you on track for a healthy journey in an engaging way. Just loved the whole experience!!!
Debasmita Pattnayak
Challenge accepted to get up since I work from home everyday mostly sitting in my desk. Helped me both physically & mentally esp. in this challenging time with the pandemic.
Pamela Mae Posadas
The 15-minute challenge offers an effective introduction to the benefits of regular exercise. From established exercise fanatics to those just starting out, physical vitality is the essential building block for boosting energy, creating healthy habit loops and promoting mental strength and emotional fortitude. The 15- Minute challenge inspired teams to connect, communities to link and compound the benefits of an accessible and enjoyable challenge – well done!
Robert Hart
Being part of this exercise journey has been a great experience for both physical and mental reasons. I am personally a person that exercises consistently each week, but pushed myself even harder during this challenge to provide the best results I could for myself and find a sense of achievement at the end. It goes to show that no matter what level of exercise you do that you can always push yourself to do more. The only thing stopping you is your mind. Once you over come that you will be amazed at the things you thought you could have never achieved.
Henry Smith
There is saying that motivation gets you started; habit keeps you going. The 15 Minute Challenge was the motivation that got me started and, over the 6 week duration of the Challenge, created the habit which will keep me going in the pursuit of health through exercise.
Craig Hanson